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What is the RED franchise?

The RED franchise is the first 100% digital franchise to sell energy using blockchain technology in the European Union developed by Restart Energy.

What can i do with the RED franchise?

The RED franchise is a Web and Mobile application that allows any individual and legal entity in the European Union to open a "virtual energy business" and earn money from the sale and monthly consumption of electricity and natural gas to friends and contacts.

How much money can I earn?

It depends on you, but we offer you the support so that you can convert all your contacts from your phone and social networks into energy contracts that will bring you money every month.

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Enter here your number of friends and contacts and find out how much money you can earn each month from energy

How much does RED franchise cost?

The first six months are free to convince yourself. After 6 months, you will need to have a minimum amount of MWAT, depending on the size of the franchise.

Who is this business for?


Who want to develop their own business in the field of energy and have a passive source of income from the energy and gas consumption of their own network of friends and contacts.

Legal Entities

Who have potential customers, both individuals and companies, and want a business or line of business in the field of energy without the risks and complexity of supply.

I want to make money from energy!

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Of course, we have prepared a special page for you with answers to the most frequently asked questions here

Do you want your own business in the field of energy and natural gas?

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